The winners from IBS 2015

by WINBAG® | August 28, 2015

Congratulations to our 20 lucky winners below who visited our booth, entered the raffle and WON…!! The WINNERS all won a WINBAG® and great looking T-shirt. We will be in contact with each and every one of you very soon to arrange the practical details such as shirt size and so on.  

Russell,Rainey,Little Rock Matthew,Parsons,Phoenix Bryce,Munn,Santa Monica Franklin,Castell,Van Nuys Joe,Kennedy,Lakeside Ruth,Hensen,Telluride Alfredo,Masso,Pompano Beach Joyce,Stakely,Rising Fawn Kevin,Beymer,Denison Diane,Gerstad,McHenry David,Litwiller,Hillsboro Vince,Kimbel,Louisville Gary,Bowman,Gaitersburg Jeff,Peel,Grand Rapids Russ,Newberry,Kansas City Chad,Christensen,Fremont Edward,Wawrzonek,North Port Michael,Klauck,Springville John,Piazza,Mount Vernon Luke,Breytung,Delavan.

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