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The WINBAG® will save you countless hours on the jobsite. It gives you multiple adjusting possibilities; save time when you install windows, position heavy doors, level furniture, kitchen cabinets, or household appliances just to name a few practical uses.

danish quality

With highly automated production facilities in Denmark, we use the newest manufacturing technologies and materials to give our customers what they need. Innovation never stops and we continue to develop new products to expand our market-leading position.

high performance

WINBAG® is a high-performing product capable of lifting, leveling, or adjusting heavy objects with almost zero effort. When deflated it is only 2 mm thin making it handy and easy to wedge into narrow spaces while being gentle on any surface.

premium product

Quality matters. We handpick our materials to increase the functionality, aesthetics, and durability of the WINBAG®. Our premium fiber-reinforced material provides the WINBAG® with superior dynamic properties. That’s why it’s the go-to product on the market, and why it continues to win awards worldwide.

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DougProfessional and residential
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I am a plumber in Tulsa, OK and my construction contractor buddy introduced me to the WINBAG®. He swears by your product up and down about saving him time with his various construction projects. I thought, well how in the world would this help me with my plumbing projects? So it was my goal to find out!!! To my surprise, it HELPS A LOT and the first day of use it paid for itself!!! From water heater installation to working in some leverage behind hard to reach pipes, this little tool is a miracle worker! I can not recommend the WINBAG® more highly. Keep up the innovation and good work!
DaveOne man cabinet leveler
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Installing and leveling cabinets is typically a two man job. One man to shim and adjust and another man to level. The WINBAG® has made cabinet installation a one man job for most projects! The WINBAG® is so easy to use – slide it behind the cabinet and pump to adjust the level with ONE HAND. The WINBAG® holds up to the heaviest of cabinets as well all while being able to adjust with one hand. I can not say enough about this amazing little tool – it is easy, lightweight and you will not find any guy on my crew without a WINBAG® attached to their tool belts!
Lanier D.Two man job turned into a one man job
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I got two of these and they have come in handy already. I had to lift my table saw about 1 1/2 inch to slip parts for a mobile base under it, working by myself. These were perfect to slip underneath, and with a thin board on top to spread the load on the bag, 2 of them together were able to lift one side at the time. Without the air wedges I would have had to find someone to help me lift the table saw with a lever while I slipped the pieces underneath. I can see these will be very handy. You just need to do you know planning for how best to use them.
CraigInvaluable tool
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Since using this product I only think it is fair that I say how good the product is, its very well made and is a invaluable tool for anyone doing any kind of carpentry where you need to do shimming or lifting, an absolute diamond in a coalmine, small enough to fit in any tool bag or box but worth its weight in gold when your in a tight spot.

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